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For most of us, an average day begins with a series of rituals. We dress appropriately for our job. We show up at work promptly at the same time every day. We stop at traffic lights on the way to work. Does abiding by these rules and boundaries feel like punishment to us? Of course not. We are simply practicing the discipline expected of all of us who choose to live in a functional societyÖ.a society without chaos.

In their natural world, dogs or wolves live in a highly disciplined and structured society. The packsí very survival depends on maintaining order, and order doesnít happen without discipline. But often we feel that implementing discipline is a form of punishment to a dog. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The reality is that dogs thrive on rules, boundaries, and other forms of discipline. Without discipline, a dog feels lost and confused about his role in the pack. Keep in mind that your dog doesnít care what position he has in the pack, as long as the pack runs smoothly.  Regardless of how smart you may feel your dog is, he or she is not equipped to manage a human household!

Our own human society is critical of parents who donít guide their children properly. Itís no different in the canine world. If we truly love our dogs, then we want to fulfill them in every way. Just as we canít survive on love alone, neither can our dogs. Itís actually a disservice to withhold discipline from our dogs!

Make sure you offer your dog the complete package when you bring him into your world. Along with exercise, food, shelter, and affection, offer him a healthy dose of rules, boundaries, and discipline. Donít think of discipline as punishment, but just one more gift you give your best friend to keep him happy and balanced.

About Cheri Lucas

Cheri Lucas is the founder and president of Second Chance at Love Humane Society, a no-kill dog rescue in Templeton, California. In 1999, Cheri began mentoring under Cesar Millan. She has since appeared on five episodes of Dog Whisperer and has been a guest on Sessions with Cesar. Cheri is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

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From www.secondchancelove.org.