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Ragdolls are truly a special breed.  More than pets, they are true companions.  You will never find a more loving cat. 

The name Ragdoll came from the cat's ability to become totally relaxed when picked up (like a child's toy ragdoll.)  Ragdolls can relax completely or go limp in your arms if they so desire.  This characteristic is real and is more prevalent in fully matured Ragdolls than in kittens.  If you want a lap cat, the Ragdoll is for you.  They have unique personalities; they love to be held, hugged and handled a lot.  They are very loyal and like to be with you and share in what you are doing.  They love to play and are non-destructive.   In addition to being sweet and gentle, Ragdolls are very loving, placid, easy going, quiet cats.  They love being with people.  This is what makes them excellent companions for children and adults, as well as other pets.  Ragdolls are not "fighter" cats and view any oncomer as a loving entity.  Because of this, they are strictly indoor cats.  Also, because they are so beautiful and friendly, they are susceptible to being “catnapped.” 

Having a Ragdoll in your home is truly a wonderful new addition to your family!  In a very short time, you will realize exactly how special these cats really are.  You will wonder why more people do not know about them.  They are a wonderful addition to any household; your life will be filled with a special warmth because of their presence!

All of these amazing kittens have been raised in my house with kids, cats and dogs of all sizes.  All cats will come with a vet check and 5-year genetic health guarantee.   Should, at any time, you be unable to keep them, my contract requires that they be returned to me.  Please feel free to contact me at 815-527-5352/tel with any questions.


Only 3 kitties left.... crazy playful....very lovey...... great personalities!

- Bi-color tortie female
- Cream bi-color male...
- Flamepoint male




Ragdolls also mature slower emotionally than domestic cats.  So even though you're getting a 7-month old kitten, you're getting kitten that is emotionally much younger than that.   So you will have a kitten/cat that plays for years!

Born white, Ragdoll kittens acquire their coloring over a three-four year period.    They can continue to mature for up to four years.  So the older the kitten below, the more coloring. 


Feel free to call  815-527-5352/home or 224-639-6601/cell or -OR-  email me at JosAwesomePets@gmail.com