We are looking for Guardian Homes for the following amazing dogs.  We have relocated to a smaller facility and want to ensure our dogs are happy and content.  Therefore, I am offering the following dogs for a Guardian Home placement fee of $500.  My puppies typically start at $2,500 and my older, trained dogs start at $3,500.  Please be sure to read the contract above and, if you are interested, please contact me immediately at 224-639-6601.  Because I don't offer this opportunity often, if you think you are interested, don't wait.  TO BE CONSIDERED FOR A GUARDIAN HOME OPPORTUNITY, YOU MUST LIVE WITHIN 2 HOURS DISTANCE OF POPLAR GROVE, IL.

To view our Guardian Contract, click here.

Are housebroken, crate trained and walk well on a leash.  They have manners (no biting, no jumping, no nipping.)  They are also fully vaccinated.


FAITH is a brindle phantom moyen female poodle. Born 7/22/2017, she is approximately 19" inches tall at the shoulders and 25 lbs. She has low-to-medium energy level and loves to go for walks and run the property. She is also very sweet and likes to cuddle. 


PANDA is a black and white parti moyen female poodle,   She stands 18" tall at the shoulders and weighs 22lbs.  She is a very sweet, mellow, laid back dog. She has a very low energy level and loves to chill. She's very affectionate and loves to cuddle on the couch. 


MAZIE is a silver beige phantom moyen female Aussiedoodle with two blue eyes. This dog is amazing and one of my favorites. She has a low-to-medium energy level. She is a fantastic cuddler; she's very affectionate, sweet and mellow. Would make a GREAT therapy dog. Excellent obedience dog. 

* Mazie just had puppies, so she will be ready to go home after her babies are done nursing. 


PAXTON is a miniature sable abstract male poodle that stands 17" tall and weighs 18 lbs.  He is approximately 2 1/2 years old and such a good boy.   He is very sweet - a little lover boy - quite the cuddler.  I really enjoy him.  He is a really cool dog.