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Awesome Paws Pet Purchase Policy

I have been breeding for over 25 years.  My favorite part is nurturing puppies/ kittens so that they are ready to go home to loving families.  In order for this to happen,  a lot of time, love and attention go into the process. I invest a lot of time and attention toward my new pet owners as well to ensure that they are matched with the appropriate pet size, energy level, personality, etc. for their home.  Occasionally; however, a pet owner will have a need to postpone the purchase of a pet due to unforeseen circumstances.  This is one of the reasons that I require a  non-refundable deposit on all purchases.  The second is that it speaks to the seriousness of the pet owner toward that puppy / kitten; especially when I have multiple people inquiring about the same animal.  If you put a deposit down on a pet (which applies toward the purchase price) and it is determined that a different puppy / kitten is better suited for your home, I am more than happy to transfer this deposit to that pet.  My goal is to work with you to ensure a happy transaction between breeder and pet owner and a happy transition between my  puppies and kittens and their new homes.         


To purchase a pet from Awesome Paws, please  note that a $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve one of our puppies.  (I accept PayPal, checks and money orders / cashier's check from your bank.)  Also, a Health Guarantee must be fully executed and balance must be paid in full and cleared BY THE TIME THE PUPPY/KITTEN IS  WEEKS OF AGE.  No exceptions.         

Should you make a decision not to continue with the purchase of a puppy that you have placed a deposit on, (i.e., your living circumstances change, your ability to care for the animal temporarily changes, unexpected expenses are incurred and you need time to catch up before bringing a puppy home, etc.),  this non-refundable deposit can be applied to another puppy of a different litter for up to one (1) year.  After that time, you completely forfeit the ability to transfer this deposit.  Seller does not guarantee the size, coat, temperament, color, personality, trainability or fertility of puppy.  All puppies leave here trained; however, it is important to remember that training needs to continue when your puppy arrives at their new home.

Unfortunately, many people believe that because my puppy is calm and obedient when he arrives at your home, that no further obedience is needed.  WRONG!  This smart little creature that everyone is now showering with attention now starts to think that he is in charge and starts manipulating the situation and once these little behavioral issues begin, they are beyond my control.  So take advantage of the situation NOW to bond with your new pet and enroll him in an obedience class or, at the very least, get help in "Raising  the Perfect Puppy".

Feel free to call 224-639-6601 -OR- email me at JosAwesomePets@gmail.com and good luck finding your next best friend!


Awesome Paws Contract & Health Guarantee

Awesome Paws hopes that that you will enjoy your new puppy for many years to come. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your new pet arrives healthy.