general tips & training


We, at Awesome Paws, know that purchasing a new pet is a big responsibility.  We offer the following general tips in hopes of making your pet's transition into your new home a smooth one.  Even though many of these ideas seem familiar, there are very good reasons to perform them in a particular order and a step-by-step.   Regarding training tips, you may not realize that I teach obedience classes as well and that you have just invested in your puppy's first several training classes!  

By the time they come to your home, they are crate trained, 90% housebroken, socialized, have manners (no jump, no mouthing, calm demeanors) and can sit.  and many can sleep though the night in the crate..  For an extra training fee, we could provide the following:

sit, down, wait, walking on a leash without pulling and come on recall.    

Before you peruse the data below, which will share what has been done with your puppy through now, (i.e.,  when he eats, when he goes potty, when he goes out to play, where he gets his socialization, how to set up his crate to be successful, etc.), please understand that if you do not follow up the training, your puppy will try you to see how much they can get away with and will start acting out to get your attention.  Think of a two year old.  They have rules at Mom and Dad's house.  Then they go to Grandma's house for a week while Mom and Dad are on vacation....and Grandma has no rules, so they do what they want.  THEY are in charge. Wait until Mom and Dad take them back home and they're barking all night, counter surfing, pooping on the floor, etc.  There was no follow up at Grandma's house, so they reverted back to behavior that they exhibited before they were trained.  Make sense?  Unfortunately, because they come to you trained and calm, new owners oftentimes feel that they don't need to do anything further.  That could be further from the truth.  You have to keep up on it or they will try to see what they can get away with.  It's harder for Poodles, Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles because they are all so smart.  They learn quickly and with Australia Shepherds and Bernese Mountain Dogs, they can be a little on the stubborn side.  So you have to be in charge.  

And now, let's discuss crate training as a whole.  I know that there are people who that crate training is cruel. But it is not, as long as you have the following:  

  • A crate large enough to stand in and lay down in
  • Food/Water available in trays while traveling

For the dog, it is a calm place.  They can have a peaceful sleep with quiet time.  It is their calm place.  I hope that you will at least reconsider it because your puppy will be much happier and much more successful when trained this way.    It is such a regular thing in my house, my daughter wanted in on the action!  I had to explain that it was only for the dogs and cats, ... but not babies!  (Fortunately, this was a clean one I had just assembled!)  :)

"If you are going to be the Pack Leader to your dogs, you must understand who they are and what they need as dogs.

" - Cesar Millan