Young girl pictured with a black Moyen poodle puppy laying in fall leaves.

We hope you find these tips helpful with your new puppy. This is the schedule that your puppy is used to and should be followed for continuity sake.


Your puppy wakes up between 6:30 and 7:30 AM. 

  • Take them right out of cage (but don't talk to them). 
  • Take them to the spot you would like them to go potty.
  • Put them on grass area- back and forth saying to them "Hurry, go potty".
  • As soon as they squat, say "Good puppy goes potty outside!" 
  • Then let them run around for a little while. 

When your puppy comes back into the house, it is feeding time. We feed in the crate, so they learn to eat and not play.  Food is put down for 15 minutes. Whatever they do not eat gets picked up.  About 15 to 30 minutes afterward, they will need to go outside to go poopy.

(We feed Purina  Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 Formula for All Life Stages.  While it will be easier to keep puppy on this food once they come home, if you decide to change the food, please do so as follows:  YOU MUST DO IT GRADUALLY.  Mix in increasing amounts of the new food with the existing food over the course of a week while decreasing the amount of existing food. By the end of the week you should only be feeding the new food. 

Making the change gradual makes it less likely that your dog will experience loose stools and upset stomachs.)


Puppy will need to go outside after the following: 

  • first thing in the morning
  • after eating am & pm
  • waking up from a nap
  • playing excessively
  • coming out of the crate
  • just before going to sleep in the crate for the night

The signs of having to go potty are sniffing and circling around. When you CANNOT be with your puppy, they need to go into the crate. When they are in the crate, NOTHING goes into the crate with them EXCEPT a KONG toy-filled with peanut butter. 

Puppy can choke on bones, stuffed toys, beds and blankets! When puppy turns 1-year old, you can then put things into the crate. Puppy can come out of the crate when they are going potty outside ALL THE TIME!  


Bedtime for puppy is 10-10:30 PM. Again, they must go potty outside before going into the crate.  When you put them into the crate for the night and they cry, you tell them in a low MEAN (serious) voice “NO - QUIET!”  You can drape a shirt over the front of the crate so puppy can smell you and feel safer in the crate.  If puppy still cries in the crate, then you can tap the top of the crate and again in a low voice say "NO - QUIET!"


For leash training- let puppy drag the leash around so puppy gets used to having the weight pulling on the collar.  Then, once puppy feels comfortable, you can pick up the leash in your hand and start walking with puppy.