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Brown Moyen Poodle​ Puppy.

" We recently adopted an Aussie Mountain Doodle from Awesome Paws. Our puppy, Milo, is near perfect. Well socialized with people and other dogs, perfectly crate trained, and just a delight in every way. Our vet said she could not believe how well behaved he is. As a first time dog owner I had plenty of questions and Joanne has been readily available to answer any and all questions. We may adopt again in the future and will only do so from Joanne and Awesome Paws. Thank you Joanne! "


Chocolate brown Moyen​ poodle puppy sitting in a chair with a bone-shaped birthday cake on a table.

 "Where do I begin? Frankie is the best and I cannot thank Joanne enough for breeding such a beautiful, smart dog, who came to me well-socialized with no bad habits! I have had many dogs and understand a wide range of breeds. I chose Franki (due to my age and physical ability) and could not be a better choice and Joanne agreed. Franki and I have traveled over this last winter for over ten weeks throughout the coastal Carolinas and managed to put on over 3800 miles the car, stayed in 7 different LaQuintas, in addition to three different longer stay homes in different states/location, and he adapted as he had been there forever. He is now one year and what a joy! As a note, I do continue training with him to be well mannered wherever we go! We have more adventures planned....

Thanks, Awesome Paws."


Merle Moyen Poodle puppy laying against door.

 "Joanne breeds some great MOYEN POODLE puppies. I should know. I have one! Tallulah (now just short of 5 months old) is THE BEST! "


 Tallulah, 10 weeks old, stretching out in exam room of North East Animal Hospital. Dr. Hanlinand team obviously put her at ease! 

J.A. 6/2018

I just want to tell everyone what a wonderful experience I had with Joanne. I think she is a fantastic breeder. She provides us buyers with a well adjusted, socialized, somewhat trained puppy at 10 weeks of age. My experience was I arrived at the airport in Chicago around midnight, Joanne brought my puppy to the airport and then transported me to a hotel were my puppy slept in a crate the remainder of the night without a whimper and no mess. The next morning I took a 6 hour flight to Alaska with the puppy in a kennel under the seat without a peep. We arrived in good shape and she piddled when provided an outside venue.  I take her outside to do her business and we have not had an accident in the house. Tonight for the first time when i was not paying attention to her, she went and rang the bells i hung from outside door knobs to tell me she had to go outside. In addition, I leave her in the house not kenneled and she has not chewed up anything. Truly, a special puppy, and I have had many. Joanne told me my puppy was a bit stubborn, but I find her sweet, and very trainable. I highly recommend her as a superb breeder of exceptional poodles.  

M.L.C. 4/2017

I purchased a BEAUTIFUL Moyen Poodle form JoAnne over a year ago and she is everything I dreamed of and much more! She fit right in around here immediately. She is very social, friendly to everyone, and a very happy, smart girl. I just LOVE my "Echo"!!! JoAnne is an honest, sweet person, and an exceptional breeder who treated me as an old friend. I hope to get another puppy from her someday! 

Update to my post above: Echo is 2 years old now and has been a true joy! We couldn't have asked for better!!! We have since purchased a 2nd puppy from Joanne "Music" and she has been just as wonderful!!! I HIGHLY recommend any of Joanne's puppies or dogs! She is a very honest person. You can count on her to try to match the puppy with her families well! 

S.P. 12/2017

 3 years ago a bought a moyen poodle from Awesome Paws. His name was Winter and we changed it to Zeus. This dog is absolutely perfect. He is lovable, smart, has never chewed anything we was not supposed to. He's my best friend. I cannot imagine my life without Zeus. 


Three older poodle puppies laying in the grass with a ball.

This is:

  • Tasha (apricot female)
  • Troi  (black and white female)
  • Spock (apricot and white male)

YES, there are three of our puppies in one family!  "They are one year old today! Their parents are Aubrey and Bryce. We absolutely love them. They are wonderful, loving dogs. They have been a joy to raise." 


Young girl snuggling with Moyen poodle puppy.

"3 years ago Santa Claus found a 10 month old puppy, well trained and a perfect fit for my family. Thank you, Awesome Paws and Joanne for working this out for us.  It was a long trip in the sleigh to Cincinnati, but well worth it. Our dog, Jessie, and my Daughter, Emily, are the best of friends. 

The first night we "lost" Jessie. We called and looked for her all over the house. We found her laying on the floor next to Emily's bed and she has slept there ever since." 


Chocolate brown poodle with pink bows and pink collar laying on an outdoor mat.

Dear Joanne, my family and I can't thank you enough for our little girl "Molly", she is truly a sweet little girl. We are continuing to reinforce crate training at home and it's going wonderful.  Also, thank you for your            support, it sure helps being able to reach you at all times and I truly appreciate all the information you shared with us about this wonderful breed.

2nd post:
Dear Joanne, just wanted to share recent pic of our Molly, I can't believe she is going to be a year old soon, how time flies. Our Molly is truly a sweet and a smart little lady and I just can't thank you enough for giving us a little piece of heaven.  


Bernedoodle puppy sitting.

 We love our bernedoodle from Awesome Paws.
Great experience!  We have a happy, healthy,
cuddly puppy!  


Black and white Moyen poodle puppy looking up at camera.

Charm's new owner says, "Just wanted to let you know that Charm passed her STAR puppy test Monday eve! She's such a great dog Joanne. Love her to death!! Just look at this face!       <3  <3  <3


Young girl with white Moyen​ poodle puppy laughing and playing in the grass.

Joanne was amazing during the whole process, and we could not be any happier with our amazing puppy, Luna. 


White poodle laying on couch with stuffed animal toy.

MAYA is such a sweet girl. We bought 

her because our daughter's poodle from

 Awesome Paws is such a great dog. 


Puppy with blue eyes looking up into the camera while sitting on the grass.

Gatsby is a 3 year old Ausseranian. 

He has AKC titles in rally, obedience, his

 and is a certified therapy dog! 

He's just a wonderful guy! 


Australian Mountain Doodle puppy laying on the ​floor and looking at the camera.

We love our Bernedoodle puppy! Awesome Paws 

was helpul and informative through the whole process. The puppy had already begun her 

training and has been a joy ever since.  


Moyen white and brown poodle standing in fall leaves.

My handsome boy, ELLIS, is from

Aubrey and Bryce. I couldn't be happier

with this boy. He is just the sweetest,

loves to be held like a baby and he

smiles. He is so gentle and such a great 

guy. Thanks so much for raising such

a wonderful puppy. 


Bernedoodle puppy sitting.

We had a great 1st  experience 

purchasing our mini Bernedoodle,

Molly.  Joanne from Awesome Paws was 

very informative and helped us along the 

way by answering many questions 

we had. Molly is beyond adorable, super 

laid back, and very silly and playful. 

She fits right in with our family. I would

absolutely purchase another Bernedoodle 

from Awesome Paws again. 


Light brown Moyen poodle sitting on rug.

  "Thank you so much for  REBA!

She has helped my mom so much!  

A great companion.  And she gets

to go to day care a couple of 

hours a day and that wears 

her out."