Get an Older trained Puppy!

Enjoy all the fun of a puppy without the housebreaking, nipping and jumping! These puppies will be crate trained and housebroken.  They will also come with basic manners that include being calm as well as no jumping, biting or nipping. All the pups are  4 months of age and older.  

Call/Text Joanne at 224-639-6601 for more information.

Person walking a white poodle on a leash.
Person walking a white poodle on a leash.

Interested or looking for an older dog? Learn about our Guardianship Program

A guardian home is a great opportunity for the right person/family to enjoy a top-quality breeding dog/puppy with a great temperament, introduction to training and healthy lineage. 



Close up of Pomeranian dog "smiling".


ABOUT: Winnie is a 14 month  old, over-sized Pomeranian.  She is a sable merle with two parcel blue eyes and is around 18 pounds!

She is very outgoing and loves people of all ages; a social butterfly! She is well mannered and knows all her basic obedience commands.  She walks without pulling on both a collar and harnesses. She is strong willed and will need an experienced dog owner. She does get along with other dogs but can be dominant. She get along well with cats as long as they dont "run" - would suggest - no cats. She has a stubborn side to her too.

Price: $2,500 (FULLY TRAINED)



Brown Moyen poodle puppy sitting on an outdoor wood deck.

Born - 4/28/2019

ABOUT: Guinness  is in our training program and will be available fully trained end of December  2019.  He will know basic obedience commands, manners, housebreaking, crate trained and leash trained.  

Price: $4,500 (FULLY TRAINED)


Files coming soon.

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Health Guarantee

Awesome Paws hopes that that you will enjoy your new puppy for many years to come. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your new pet arrives healthy. Please read the guarantee and understand exactly the procedure that need to be followed from the regular arrival check-up to ensure the puppy’s well being and validation of the guarantee to any claim that has to be made.   

Purchase Polices

My favorite part is nurturing puppies/ kittens so that they are ready to go home to loving families.  In order for this to happen,  a lot of time, love and attention go into the process.   I  invest a lot of time and attention toward my new pet owners as well to ensure that they are matched with the appropriate pet size, energy level, personality, etc. for their home. 

Puppy Application

Ready for your new best friend?  This is not just a business to me; it is very important that my animals go to a safe, happy, well-adjusted home and that each personality is paired with that of its new parents. Please complete our Puppy Application Form so that I can best match up the correct puppy to your home.